Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ultimate Energy Cleanse || Day 5.5 || 8 November 2009

Feeling sooooo great! Dinner was salad with the RAW dressing I made a couple days ago and split pea soup. I also made a special dish of baked mushrooms for my boyfriend. The soup took about 3 !! hours to make, and smelled kinda funky, but ended up being really delicious! For dessert I made chai spice chutney and baked apples. WOW! Seriously tasty. I have never cooked this much before in my life, but I’m loving it. I always assumed I couldn’t cook, but actually it turns out that I am not too shabby. What an exciting bonus to the Cleanse.

I’m not feeling bloated anymore, and even after eating very generous portions, I don’t feel sluggish or stuffed. It’s rather incredible. People continue telling me I look very bright and awake and healthy, and I truly have much more energy than usual.

That said, I am envisioning what I will eat on Tuesday. So far I’m thinking organic coffee made at home, a bagel with loads of raw veggies, and for dinner, SUSHI! I do plan on continuing to juice fruits and veggies on a daily basis, and have full days where I eat exactly as I am eating on the Cleanse. I was already mostly vegetarian anyway, but now that I know how to prepare several dishes at home, it will be easier and more fun!


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