Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ultimate Energy Cleanse || Day 4.5 || 7 November 2009

Friday night at 3a, and I am still up taking care of the logisitcs of life. As a yogi, I “should” be up early in the day, doing my meditation / practice, but I am such a night owl. I think it is because the energy of nighttime is quieter and more peaceful, as most people have drifted into their unconscious minds of sleep, truly having surrendered their usual thought patterns. I am very surprised that I have had so much energy these past few days with zero caffeine. In fact, I daresay I have a more consistent stream of energy than when I enjoy my mid-morning coffee. But, today was the first day I wished I could have my ritualistic beverage of choice, along with a bite of the pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream that my friends all enjoyed at a dinner party. Their sounds of “mmmm” and their detailed description of the dessert’s deliciousness did not help, but I am happy they got to eat it!

Practicing yoga has been pretty incredible. I definitely feel a difference in my body, mostly related to flexibility. I don’t generally feel inflexible, but on the Cleanse, I have been feeling extremely flexible. Truly putty-like. It also feels deeply nurturing to be in asanas…just yummy, sweet, good. The yoga high is extremely potent, particularly in the physical body. It was almost scary how deep my backbends were…but, I felt less grounded through my legs. For example, when I tried to stand up from Wheel – which usually isn’t a problem – I wobbled and opted to kneel down instead of trying to land on my feet. So it seems that I have more flexibility, but less strength.

I feel bloated, which I’m not sure is normal or not. My belly feels full of liquid, which it is, with the morning and night teas, the liver flush, the master cleanse lemonade, fruit / veg juices, and water. It might just be the liquids, or, maybe something else is going on.

So I’m done with the Liver Flush Days and moving into the All-Green Days where the focus shifts to the colon. That means, goodbye quinoa! And goodnight to you.


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