Saturday, July 7, 2007

:: goodbye (for now) note ::

Hey There, Yogibears!

I have some news: I will be leaving Santa Monica for a little while. I am headed back to Asia to further explore my roots, my spirit, and my life purpose. I will be gone indefinitely, and as such, I have had to let go of most of my classes. Please note the Schedule page for further details such as the last date I will be teaching each class and who is taking over for me.

This decision has been bittersweet, as I love Santa Monica, my classes, and even more so all of you, my lovely yogis. But let’s focus on the potential sweetness this opportunity, like all opportunities, offers for all of us. For me - I have spent most of my life grounded here in California, and although I absolutely love it here, my wings want to soar. I have been blessed to already have done a fair amount of traveling, but spending a few days here and there as a tourist is quite different from really saturating in a new land (not unlike holding a yoga pose!). So I am wholeheartedly, gratefully, and excitedly embracing this opportunity to fly.

And for you - I encourage you to seek new teachers and new interpretations. Continue letting your yogic horizons expand (not unlike your breath expanding!). If you want any guidance along the way, please do not hesitate to email me. If you find that you’d really like to take a class from me, please check out YogiChocolate and download one (in MP3 format), on donation-basis. I am also working on another venture through which I hope to bring you video classes from wherever I find myself over the coming weeks and months.

Remember that all is temporary and always flowing…including my absence. I plan on returning, hopefully with a deeper and more abundant personal understanding of life, yoga, and myself that I can share with you.

I will definitely keep in touch via email and Words, so please come back and visit my page for updates.

Pause… Smile… Breathe.

Big love to you all,