Monday, October 5, 2009

Loving my Korean roots!

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An nyoung ha se yo!

Most of you probably know that that means "Hello!" in Korean. =)

Life has been super sweet and super blessed here in Asia. If you've caught glimpses of my Facebook or Twitter updates, you know that I've been traveling around a lot. Most recently, I spent 10 days in Korea. This trip included my brother MYK's performance at the Epik High concert, an interview with Joongang Ilbo (a major Korean newspaper), and a family getaway to Jeju Island. Oh--- and my uncle is now Prime Minister!

The interview / article about me is obviously in Korean, and I will do my best to try to translate it, but as my Korean vocabulary is rather limited, it will likely take awhile. If there's anyone who'd be interested in translating it for me, please let me know! ;)

To my boyfriend's delight, I returned to Hong Kong freshly inspired to (finally) try my hand at cooking! I've somewhat successfully made some Korean dishes (thanks to my mom and my brother's stellar girlfriend, Jung Mi) and some of my best friend Julie's dishes (veggies and noodles for Pad Thai soaking as I type).

It's been 2 months since I left Pure Yoga, and I have been living my once thought to be far-fetched dream of teaching yoga around the world. I now add Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Beijing to my list of cities where I've taught, with Sydney, Wellington (New Zealand), and hopefully other locations to come. I'll be sharing more details about this adventure very soon!!

With big love,