Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ultimate Energy Cleanse || Day 2 || 4 November 2009

I’m sitting again with a cup of tea; this time it’s a Lemon Ginger Herbal tea. Surprisingly, I haven’t been craving coffee at all! I told myself that whatever I’m “giving up” for this weeklong period, I can have again on Day 8 if I want. Put into perspective, it’s really not that big of a deal! Plus, raw honey in my tea is absolutely divine.

Yesterday was not terrible, but not easy. I was assaulted with a brain-bumping headache for pretty much the entire day. Luckily, I went to a Yoga Therapy class with Deva at Pure Yoga, and he taught these amazingly simple neck strengthening movements that momentarily completely alleviated the painful throbbing. I’ve also had pretty intense lower back pain for a day and a half now, and I can’t seem to relieve it at all. No conventional medicine is allowed, but I did go for an acupuncture session, which helped a bit. I think it’s just a process that needs to happen, so I’m trying to surrender to it. My healer-friend Peggy says that this low back pain relates to the kidney and gall bladder meridians, which hold fear, uncertainties, and frustrations. So if this temporary pain means an excavation of negative energies - good riddance!

Today was much better in general. I’m actually having a lot of fun preparing everything at home. I’m basically standing at the kitchen sink for the majority of the day, whether I’m washing, cutting, or peeling fruits or veggies; juicing, blending, or cooking; or washing dishes. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, to be perfectly honest, but it’s worth it! It feels great to know exactly what I am putting in my body, to know that it is all food that is very alive and nourishing, and without the torture of animals (although I did wonder today, how do we know that this sprig of parsley didn’t cry out in agony when it was plucked from its roots??). The recipes provided in the Booklet are excellent, and I have successfully made and enjoyed: herbed quinoa pilaf, fabulous RAW dressing, butternut squash soup, and roasted portabella. I’ve never minced so much garlic before in my life, but it really does make everything more delicious. Even my carnivorous boyfriend has been enjoying the healthy dishes, and is already trying to guilt-trip me into continuing to make them after the Cleanse (which I totally plan to anyway!). I’m definitely not left hungry, because I can eat as much as I want from the list of allowed foods, and with all the juice that I’m drinking (Master Cleanse lemonade, liver flush, fresh fruit / veg juices), it really doesn’t feel like there is much empty space in my belly to fill.

I will say that I am grateful for quinoa, as it is the only allowed grain (along with millet, though I’m not quite sure what that is). In this carb-conscious world, I don’t know many people who unabashedly love and regularly hoard bread as much as I do, so that has been a bit challenging, but definitely not impossible.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror earlier, and noticed that my face seems brighter and more alive, the whites of my eyes are super white. And each time I take a dosage of the herbs, I temporarily feel a bit high and lightheaded, which is always fun.

Trotting forward!


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