Tuesday, September 23, 2008

24 September 2008: Changing, cleansing winds

From one side of the planet to the other and back, crossing multiple time zones and logging countless miles of travel (unfortunately leaving quite the carbon footprint along the way)...I'm back in Hong Kong, feeling more supported, more grounded, and more ME. By taking flight, I've reconnected to my roots...by digging deeper into my foundation, I've awakened more pranic energy to rebound up and out. Push down into your soles to radiate out through your soul! I am refreshed, I am inspired, I am infinitely grateful.

I've been back for a couple weeks and I'm still calculating the time difference to wonder what my loved ones in Cali and NYC might be up to. The weather here was beautiful at first, but it seems China has reopened the factories they shut down for the Olympics because each day seems to bring more and more pollution, and we're currently under a Typhoon 8 warning which means the city shuts down and everyone's advised to stay indoors.

I miss the crisp, clean air of the Bay Area. I miss my Nala. I miss all my loved ones and how normal and easy it was to regularly see and talk to everyone. Every now and then I feel the raw emptiness of separation and distance, and it hurts, but through deep breathing it transforms into gratitude that I have such love in my life to miss.

What was confirmed for me on this first trip back to the States since my decision to move is that Hong Kong really is my home now. I love California but I've spent practically my whole life there. I had a deliciously good time (delicious and healthy!) being back in town, but I really missed Hong Kong. It's definitely time to explore and flourish within a different place, culture, and lifestyle.

So here I am - enjoying taking the subway again (the cleanliness of which I appreciate so much more after taking the NYC subway, ew!)...enjoying walking around the ever-changing cityscape and bumping into friends around every corner...enjoying lazy afternoons on the boat, swaying with the water...enjoying these changing, cleansing winds that typhoons bring.

There's just something intoxicating about this place. Come visit and see for yourselves! ;)

Before I close, a couple offerings for you: photos from my journey and a class for your downloading pleasure on YogiChocolate.com (called Flying High & Twisting It Up). I taught and recorded it at Santa Monica Power Yoga on donation basis and you can download it on donation basis as well! Thanks for your support, enjoy, and pass it on!!

To those of you whom I didn't get to spend time with - especially near the end of my trip when I was overwhelmed with things I needed to take care of - I'm so sorry to have missed you, but hopefully we will see each other next time around.

Wishing you well on all of your adventures!!

Big love,


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