Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today is 26 Aug- schedule update!

Oh my...the past couple weeks have been a near-blinding whirlwind (with WAY too much driving)!! I'm so sorry if I haven't yet gotten in touch with you personally. I'm trying my best but there's just so much love to go around in such seemingly short time!

I am still in the States and have about 2 more weeks left. Here's my itinerary:

Wed-Mon: Santa Monica (come take my class on the 30th @ 11a @ SMPY East)
Tues-Sat: NYC
Sat the 6th night: last night out and about in Santa Monica (holla at me if you're out and about too!)
7th-8th: Los Altos (let me know if you want to drop by my parents' place while I'm packing & prepping to head back to Hong Kong)

If you could, please get in touch with me if you want to catch up while I'm around. My schedule's a bit too constrained for all the 1-on-1s I'd like to do, but let me know if you want to help me sort through my storage crate this Thurs/Fri (and take some stuff of my hands if you need any housewares, etc)...or help me sell my VW 2003 Beetle Convertible...or practice together. Ok, I'm just joking about the first 2 (unless you're interested??) but it'd be great to take a class together! I will most likely be taking the following classes (and yes, I realize I am a total yogi nerdburger for trying to schedule this in advance):

Santa Monica (28th-1st)
Thurs 9a @ SMPY West with Rudy
Fri 830p @ SMPY West with Ally
Sun 8a &/or 215p @ SMPY East with Bryan or Jay Co
Mon 715a @ Yoga Works Montana with Kathryn Budig

NYC (3rd-6th)
Wed 6p & 730p with Dharma Mittra
Fri/Sat @ Pure Yoga with Twee (master classes)

Santa Monica (7th)
Sun 8a @ SMPY East with Bryan

Palo Alto (8th)
Mon 930a @ Yoga Source with Susan

Let me know if any of the above fits your schedule and interest and we can coordinate our mat space together. ;)



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