Wednesday, August 8, 2007

8 August 2007

“Typhoon 1 Warning Hoisted” the note on my front gate reads. I wondered…does “hoisted” mean it had been intact, and has now been hoisted (“lifted”), or does it mean the warning is now being given (“raised”). Judging by the high winds, thunder, lightning, streams of rain pouring down as if being emptied out of buckets from the sky, I’m gonna go with the latter. But what a funny phrase, huh? The warning has been hoisted. It’s not every day that you hear of things being hoisted.

I’m sitting at my favorite spot in SoHo: Life Café…you yogis and veggies would absolutely adore it. I spent the afternoon sitting on the roof, which is quite pleasant and would be perfect if it weren’t for the ridiculous heat and humidity. I’m now cozied up inside, watching the rain through giant French windows; they are open, letting in what's now a cool tropical breeze. Organic wines and secondhand books line the shelves to my right, artwork of circles and lines (at which I have been periodically staring and squinting, trying to decipher any secret message (maybe a code to the meaning of life?) the artist may be trying to convey) hang to my right, Bob Marley is on the radio. I had an apple/celery smoothie because it’s meant to flush out your stomach. It was a pukey green color and unfavorably frothy on the top, but hey, it’s good for me, right? I’m befuddled by why I am allergic to fresh apples, but have no problem with freshly squeezed apples.

Yesterday I hopped a ferry over to Lamma Island. So beautiful. A very quaint, bohemian fishing village. If I lived in Hong Kong, I think I would live on Lamma. I found my way to Bookworm Café (very Venice-esque) and had a most delicious vegetarian brunch. Have you ever had a bean pattie? I hadn't, but it sure was tasty! I had no map, but started walking around and through the towns anyway. I hit several dead ends but it was quite enjoyable: no tall buildings, not one car, a lot of stillness, quiet, and green green green. Green rolling hills, green jungle pockets, green plants-lined pathways, and I’m sure green bugs (inch worms greedily eating tomato plants, perhaps?), camouflaged among all of that. I wish I had a camera because the weather was exquisite, the air so clear, everything shining…but of course I did not. I plan on going back several times and I promise I’ll take a camera with me at least once. Hopefully the weather will be clear again soon…I just heard that the typhoon warning has been hoisted to a level 8 (apparently level 10 is the highest; it all depends on where the typhoon’s eye passes through). I’ll do my best not to get hoisted away by it.

Love//prem. Peace//shanti. xox/ommmm. And all that good stuff, to you, from me.

PS Your eco-conscious homework for today is: when you make a purchase, decline items being bagged if it's unnecessary.

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