Tuesday, August 21, 2007

21 August 2007: Cambodia

Hello, friends!

Photos, photos, photos! =) Click here for my Asia Collection on Flickr. You’ll see 2 Sets, one of Hong Kong (with updated photos from the last post), and one of Cambodia. I suggest viewing them via the Details option. Most photos have Titles and Descriptions, and those will be easily visible if you’re viewing in the Details option.

My visit to Cambodia was amazing, for several reasons. Julie and I had a great sisterly, quality-time weekend away, with a perfect combination of temple touring and spa relaxation. The temples were, of course, beautiful…I’d never seen anything like them before. Centuries-old, HUGE, full of history, spirit, love. But ok, after hours and hours of walking through the wicked heat, some of them started looking the same. :P

The people of Cambodia have a quiet and intensely kind spirit. I was particularly mesmerized by the children…who all seem so awake and alive. Most people live in poverty, but I think they relish in the simplicity of their life. One of our most striking experiences was when we left a $3 tip on a $16 bill. Our server took the cash and bill to a couple other staff members, and they were whispering something. She came back, and said, “Excuse me, your bill is just $16.” We responded, “Yes, that’s your tip!” Her face lit up with shock, happiness, and gratitude.

The weather was very good to us, aside from the 15 minutes of rain on Sunday evening. It came out of nowhere, and disappeared into nowhere. Seems to be the weather trend here in Asia. Enjoy your perfect weather in California!!

I returned to Hong Kong yesterday, and as I stepped off the Airport Express train into Central Station, I felt like I was home. It was an unexpected feeling, but quite nice. I’m in my 4th week here, and life has tempered off. I’ve met some delightful people who’ve taken me to The Peak, walking through Pok Fu Lam Park (comprised of jungle and streams…does not at all feel like Hong Kong) around to the other side of the island, delicious hole in the wall restaurants, the very bizarre Goldfish Street (which is exactly what is sounds like…a street with stores selling goldfish…loads and loads of goldfish), and more walking through various areas of Hong Kong.

Good (and financially feasible) yoga has been hard to find, although I quite like the vibe at mYoga, a studio in Mongkok, Kowloon (across the way from Hong Kong Island). I miss practicing at my home, Power Yoga, but thankfully I have a lot of classes on mp3. If you have plans to go on holiday any time soon, I highly advise you download a class or 2 to take with you.

Much love to you.

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