Saturday, March 24, 2007

note to students 20 February


I will be out of the country for one month, leaving Wednesday, February 21 and returning Wednesday, March 21.

I am responding to my intuition's call to fly into a new life experience…a journey of love, breath, and meditation…an exploration of myself, the world, and my practice…expanding into new lands, new air, and new waters.

I will be traveling mostly through Southeast Asia , but shall openly go where the flow, the oceans, and the sands sweep me.

All of my classes will still be held as usual, with subs that I have carefully selected to take care of you in my absence. You'll find sub names on my Schedule. (Please note that Cameron Shayne will still be teaching his classes.)

Please continue on with your practice…whether you attend class with my subs, try out a new class, or play on your mat at home. A jolt in your routine can bring freshness, spaciousness, and clarity.

If you find yourself really wishing you could take one of my classes, you can download one for free at, by signing up on the Mailing List. If you have a moment, please read what YogiChocolate is all about!

Please feel free to email me with questions, thoughts, feedback on my subs, or simple hellos. I would love to hear from you.

Be well, be yoga, be you- Leah.

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Duy said...

I was expecting a weekly update in this blog of yours, but there's nothing new except a rehash of how you're supposed to be gone, yet you're back. Color me confused.