Thursday, March 1, 2007

Day 7: 1 March

Happy March! (But dude…wasn’t it just Christmas??)

I’ve just booked my first trip out of Bangkok: Koh Phangan! Koh means island. Phangan may be the most difficult word I’ve ever tried to pronounce. This is the home of the Full Moon Party (Sensei Em- this seems like exactly your kind of thing…I so wish you were here!) which happens to be happening while we are there. I’m really looking forward to making thousands of new friends! We’re staying in what seems to be a rather fancy schmancy resort villa ( I’ll be sure to blog in upon my return, and let you know how all goes.

(How amazing it must be to have made up a silly-sounding word – blog, google – that finds a place in our culture’s vernacular. I want to do that- it’s going on my To Do in Life List. Do you have one of those lists? You should!)

I hope to make additional treks out of the city, but truthfully, there is much to see and do (and eat) here (apparently elephants DO roam the streets of Bangkok! That’s going on my To Do in Bangkok List!). My ideal way to travel is to find stillness within one place. Not to hop from place to place to place to place, barely getting a feel for the vibration of the people and the culture within. It’s the quality of the experience. Just like in yoga…it’s not about how many poses you can do or how fast you might move through them…it’s about the quality of mind with which you approach the pose, the depth you search for within the pose. It’s about being masterful, as Cameron Shayne always says.

By the way, I’m feeling a LOT better; thank you for sending me your healing energies.

This post shall be short and sweet – like Thai peeps! Blowing you tropical kisses!

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