Wednesday, September 12, 2007

news from me to you

Hey loves!

I just put a LOT of photos up. Again, I recommend clicking on the image of the Album, and viewing them in the Details option. The Hangzhou and Beijing Albums are completely new, and the Hong Kong Album has a few added photos.

I also put up a new downloadable class on YogiChocolate, called core :: cardio :: calm. This is a pretty advanced and challenging class, even I cursed myself (calmly, of course) as I took it, so if that’s what suits your fancy, please check it out! And some of you have asked if I receive any of the donation proceeds when you download: YES!

You can otherwise find me on my blog, on my website (there are some new photos in the Gallery, too!), on Facebook (search Leah Kim in the Hong Kong network), or on MySpace. Yes, I’m wildly connected to you all via the world wide web…so no excuses to not stay in touch!

Sending you love, love, and love…Leah.

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Duy said...

Where in jeebus is our weekly update? :) Just kidding, thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Thanks for ditching us yogis for however long you plan on being gone too...okay, so maybe I'm not thanking you on the last one.